Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Ego in Aerial

In one of my Facebook subscriber groups, I came across a post about the ego.  This post was a focus of the day post where the writer talked about their internal battle with their own ego during a yoga class.  Yoga classes can often place us into a mindset where we believe everyone around us is watching.  This is something my husband struggles with and why he will not go to a yoga class alone (or basically without me.)  He also hates working out at the gym because he feels like people are watching him.  I try to assure him that no one is paying any attention to him and they are all too busy focusing on themselves and what they are doing.  But as I ponder into the internal struggles with the ego, it reminds me that some of my time on the mat has been an experience where I suddenly feel compelled to strive for being the best and fall into competition with my fellow classmates.  Am I truly paying attention to what and how they are doing on their mats?  Yes and no.  I may glimpse and see someone performing a move far better than I am capable physically due to anatomical limitations or for body readiness reasons. So yes, I do slightly pay attention to others but when doing this, I am viewing this comparison in relation to my own self.  My ego checks in.  This example of discussing the ego in yoga really got me thinking about how prevalent this need to compete with our peers is very noticeable and a huge part of the pole dancing and aerial circus arts/fitness world. 

Social media is where a lot of us in aerial apparatus fitness connect and draw inspiration for our movement.  Social media can be a positive attribute for the movement arts in this regard.  However, social media can also cause one to internalize what they are seeing and focus more on what everyone else is doing and what we are not doing for whatever reason.  The dictionary defines the ego as a person's self esteem or self importance.  Our ego can have greater expectations for our physical abilities than we are ready or have trained for.  This is an important concept to self realize.  Know you are doing well regardless of your ability to perform amazing jaw dropping movements on your chosen apparatus.  Give yourself credit for your achievements and your determination for your goals.  Try to put your ego into check and ponder more on these feelings of inadequacy when they arise.  Mind mapping these feelings can help you develop a plan to work towards your goals.  Remember, it's about the journey, not the destination.  Once you check off another item on your list, there will always be another goal to strive for.  Be patient and be kind to yourself.  Some solid advice I think we all need to be reminded of time and time again. 

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