Saturday, August 31, 2013

Freestyle Friday:Sexy September.Emotion & Music

This month we’re exploring music and sensuality with a song and freestyle concept that allows you to dance based upon your connection to the music.  One of my favorite songs to dance to is At Last by Etta James.  This song signifies the soulful rhythm that allows us as dancers to reach inside of ourselves and connect our soul to our dancing.  Etta James is considered one of the most influential blues vocal artists of her time.  She has also been known as Miss Peaches, The Matriarch of Rhythm and Blues (Wikipedia, 2013).  I love this fun fact about her.  I think it fits perfectly in the sense of pole dancing.  I’ve read about other studios and how they encourage their students to create an alter ego for their pole classes.  Sometimes our dancing comes alive if we disassociate our personal ties and every day worries from our identity.  By creating an alter ego like “Miss Peaches”, we may find ourselves able to let go and become that alter ego through our dancing.  If you are able to connect with the Queen of Soul by letting her voice lead you towards an emotional connection, I highly encourage you to challenge yourself this month in our Freestyle Friday.  We’ll keep the lights low and supply the music.  You just need to show up ready to dance.  Feel free to bring a recording device- phone or camera (tripod available if needed).  We strongly encourage the use of recording devices for your own personal reflection and growth in your dancing journey.  For more insight regarding this month’s freestyle dance exploration challenge, check out WeFly Tracee Kafer’s Emotion & Music video contribution:

Tracee Kafer on Emotion & Music
Pole Harmony Freestyle Friday Sessions:
  • Friday September 6th 7:30pm-8:30pm
  • Friday September 27th 7:30pm-8:30pm
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