Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DragonTail Pole Move Revisited

12/20/13 and 4/6/2016
A  couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about the first week of my April Alpha Pole Challenge progress and struggles. (Read full blog here).  The DragonTail was one move in particular that gave me some extra trouble.  Upon comparing past images of myself in the move with the move I'd done for the challenge, I realized that I failed to execute the move properly. 

My assessment brought me to the conclusion that the arm that stretches overhead allows for more bend in the back.  I decided to test this theory and it just so happens that is exactly what needed to occur for this move to work.  Here's a video of me doing this move properly and ending it into the superman.

My little dog makes a cameo in the background.  😊 As you can see in the video I was able to bend the knee of the outside leg creating a hook and arch my back which produced a better shape to the DragonTail.  As I mentioned before in my previous blog linked above, it's always important prior to taking any move to the pole to map out exactly where each arm and leg are supposed to be.  Since first writing about my experience with the Alpha Pole Challenge, I've been implementing this in my own practice and will continue to take my time and plan every move accordingly.  Do you have any additional tips or tricks you engage that make your DragonTail uniquely your own? Please feel free to comment below.

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