Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Desk Cycle One Year Update

Last January, I purchased myself a Desk Cycle.  I featured the Desk Cycle in a blog post in April, Desk Cycle For Your Sedentary Work Day.  I found this device to be the perfect solution for me to obtain my 10,000 steps per day goal with my fitness tracker and employee wellness program.  Once I completed all my employee program goals, all my fitness motivation went by the wayside.  At least where my daily step count was concerned.  It should come as no surprise that here we are in January and I'm again focusing on my fitness goals and getting back into the habit of using my Desk Cycle while I work.  Over the last couple of days since starting to cycle again, I have noticed I've been sleeping much better at night.  My legs have been slightly sore but nothing I can't handle. Sore legs to me says that I'm working those muscles which is a huge benefit to being active and living a fit lifestyle.  These effects got me thinking about all the benefits I was letting slip on by as I neglected my daily cycling while sitting at my desk at work.  So this year, I am going to commit to regularly cycling to achieve my 10k step goal- even AFTER my employee incentive program goals are completed.  I want to maintain my motivation to stay fit, just not when it is a convenience in the form of monetary rewards.  In my next few blog posts, I am going to start to focus more on planning some health and fitness goals for the new year.  I'll be using my December 2017 SMART goals planning posts to develop some new fitness specific goals that I will work harder towards achieving this year.  If you use a Desk Cycle or similar device while at work, please feel free to share in the comments how you stay motivated throughout the year to continue to make your work day activity goals a part of your daily routine. 

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