Friday, May 13, 2016

#pfmayipolewithyou Challenge Progress Post #1

I am loving the trend of online challenges that have been taking the internet pole community by storm.  As a former home poler, studio owner, and turned back to home poler; it has been invigorating for my practice as I have found a direction to train and draw new inspiration from now that I am back to being on my own and poling for me and only me.  Last Thursday I posted a blog introducing the #polechallenge for the month of May.  The challenge this month has a move for each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Those moves are then combined into a combo for Thursday.  Fridays are flexibility days with areas of focus provided by the challenge creators. Saturdays are sexy choreography days and Sundays are for rest.  Below are my contributions to the challenge linked to text followed by my break down of notes I've included about each move.

Week 1

May 2nd-4th Poses
  • Allegra: This was my best allegra I have ever done! This move has always been tricky for me as my back gets twisted and jammed into the pole.  I think the more I work on this one the better it will get.  I just recently revisited this move after years of not doing it with last month's April Alpha Pole Challenge. It's growing on me. 

  • Superman: I have always loved this move and decided to change it up and do a variation with a split leg.

  • Scorpio Handstand: The trick to this one has always been leaning my pelvis into the pole for balance.  Another move that I have loved for quite awhile.

  • Combo: My struggle with this one was transitioning out of the allegra.  I've never connected the allegra pole move before so I found it quite rewarding that I was able to move past this move all while staying on the pole. 
  • Splits: I opted for a pole split to represent this pose. 
  • Sexy Choreo: Music was Selena Gomez "Good for You".  Choreography by @polefellas on Instagram.  Loved this little routine.  My favorite part is the squat at the end that spins out into the splits.  I tackled learning this one first by using a repost app to download the original video to my phone so I could break the routine down by writing it out in my pole/aerial journal.  Writing it down helped me to mentally grasp the routine and then I took it to the pole and broke it down in sections.  After becoming comfortable with each section, I was able to combine each piece into the entire routine and perform multiple runs.  I also did this one in heels but it wasn't pretty.  I ended up kicking more walls than I care to admit. 

Week 2

May 9th-11th Poses
  • Jamilla
  • Butterfly
  • Brass Monkey Bridge
  • Combo: I had a hard time with grip while attempting this combo.  My pole was extra slippery during this practice session but I was very pleased with my ability to find a way to get the brass bridge into a combo.  The brass bridge is still a move that makes me a little nervous.
  • Backbend

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