Thursday, May 5, 2016

#PFmayipolewithyou May Challenge

New challenge! Hosted by IG user PoleFellas. Can't wait to participate and work on weekly blog progress.

Who's joining us?@flyingvidalid @polefellasstudio and me prepared #pfmayipolewithyou a#polechallenge with the main goal of sharing and meeting new people that shares our passion, Pole 🙏🏻 the challenge suits all levels and we'll be posting variations for every move so that everyone has something to work on. Monday, tuesday and wednesday are going to be just moves, thursday we'll combo them, we will show you an example that you can follow but we also love creativity so we are excited to see what you come up with too 😁🙌🏼 fridays we stretch and on saturdays we'll work on a sexy Pole routine 😏❤️ Sunday is rest day and the last two days of the challenge are the most important ones, on the 30 we want you to pick some moves from the challenge and combo them in an original way that shows your style and the last day its all about sharing, so we want you to repost a video ( or more If you want!!) and show some love to the participants that inspired you and support you through the challenge 🙏🏻💕 At the end we'll choose a winner based on their enthusiasm, not only posting but also helping, loving and encouraging other participants, remember its all about sharing, growing and meeting new people 👯 the winner can be anyone, anywhwere in the world and he/ she will be getting a package of Pole goodies 🎁🌎 To join you just need to repost this image and tag friends who may want to join, post daily using the hashtag#pfmayipolewithyou And tag us@flyingvidalid @polefellas@polefellasstudio (If you are not interested in the prize there's no need for all the tagging, meeting new cool people will be your prize 🏆) Can't wait to share and have fun with you all!! See you on Monday!!


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