Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favorite Home Gym Equipment

I've collected quite a bit of fun fitness gadgets over the years.  I love having the ability to change up my fitness routine to keep myself from getting bored.  Aside from the expensive fitness toys like a dance pole, I do have some more affordable favorites that I wanted to share with my readers.  Check out my list below of my go to affordable home fitness essentials.

1. Mini Stability Ball: I took a Ballet Barre series class at my local YMCA a few months ago and many of the exercises in the class focused around this miniature stability ball.  I immediately fell in love with the use of this little ball as it focused on muscles that I hadn't been able to target with my regular workouts.  You can purchase one of these balls from Amazon.com.  I ordered mine from Pure Barre's website.  I also believe if you have a local Pure Barre studio, you can purchase one from their on site studio boutique. 

2. Resistance Bands: This shouldn't come as any surprise considering I'm currently hosting a Pinterest Fitness Series of 4 weeks of resistance band routines for all my followers. If you've been following my blog and social media posts then you will have noticed all the posts for this month have focused on this particular piece of equipment.  Resistant bands are a staple for any home gym.  They are convenient for travel and versatile in their many uses.  You can get a total body workout that you will be feeling the next day with just a resistance band. An amazing piece of equipment for strength and toning work.

3.  Workout Labs Exercise Cards: Not necessarily a piece of equipment but an essential workout tool nonetheless.  All you need is an exercise mat or a small carpeted space where you can perform any number of the exercises you choose within the deck.  I love these cards for implementing ideas for conditioning with my students in my aerial silks classes.  These are also amazing for travel or when you want to get in a quick workout without having to mess with a DVD or online video access. 

4. Foam Roller: Such an important piece of equipment for flexibility and injury prevention.  When you workout a lot your muscles can get achy and tight. It's important to factor in a self care routine so as not to over stress your muscles and cause injury.  A foam roller can be a great tool for working on areas of the body that are over worked and tense.  With regular use of the foam roller, you will experience less post workout soreness related to muscle tension. I will often use my foam roller before and after a workout as both a warm up and cool down approach. 

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