Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Staying on Track with Fitness During Travel

The past couple months have been extremely busy for me as I was on the road for a funeral and a friend's wedding activities.  The wedding activities required me to stay over night in hotels and eat food while on the road, which I'm sure we all know isn't always the healthiest of meals.  My husband and I have been trying to stay on track with our fitness goals and didn't want to let travel and event obligations get in the way of our healthy lifestyle choices.  We decided that since we'd be staying in a hotel that we would both make it our goal to find time to get in a good workout while we were away from the comforts of our home and local gym. 

Many times when I travel, I make an effort to scope out the local pole studios.  With time constraints due to the weekend festivities, adhering to a set schedule for a studio and their particular level of classes would not suffice for this trip.  As I planned for my trip, I found myself racking my brain for fitness alternatives that could easily be accomplished in my hotel room or the hotel fitness facility.  Below are some ideas I came up with that could work for any time and any place when you are determined to stay on track during your travels. 

1. Workout Labs Exercise Cards- simple, on the go, and requires no equipment.  Just pack your deck of cards and either follow the pre-made workouts included in the card pack or create your own.  You can download the recommended app that works as a timer to allow you to complete the exercise reps without having to worry about counting or to implement a cardio element to your routine.  To increase your workouts, you can add ankle weights or small weights.  Pack a mat in case you decide to take your cards and workout to a larger area in your hotel's fitness area or an outside park. 

2. DoYogaWithMe.com Online Classes- stream any level of yoga class anywhere with wifi access on your mobile device, ipad, or laptop.  Classes are free. Just pack a mat and start streaming from your hotel room.

3. Pure Barre Online Workouts- Another online streaming idea that requires none to a few easy to packable items that will enable you to get in that gym style workout without having to leave your hotel room.  Based on which streaming video you purchase you will just need to pack along a mat, two 2-3 lb weights, resistance band, or a mini exercise ball. 

4. DVDs- Have some go to workout DVDs that you love but haven't included in your workout rotation in awhile?  Traveling can be a great time to bust out those favorites.  Pop in a DVD in your hotel room and get to work. 

5. Fitness Facility in Hotel- When booking a hotel, try to book a room at a hotel that has a fitness facility and then make use of that facility.  My husband has decided from now on that all hotel bookings will have to have fitness amenities. He is a standard machines workout kind of guy.  I can get creative with my workouts but if you find yourself not wanting to dedicate extra packing space or feel don't like leaving yourself responsible for achieving your fitness success creatively when traveling, then I encourage you to consider booking your stay where you can at least have the option to fall back on exercise machines. 

6. Local Studios/Fitness Facilities- And the final fitness traveling idea is to seek out opportunities where you can workout and take a class at a local fitness facility.  Facilities like the YMCA offer Free Day Passes.  If classes or facility hours work with your schedule while traveling, then this is an excellent idea to get out and get active. 

I ended up making use of the hotel fitness facilities with my husband during our wedding hotel weekend stay.  It was just the two of us so we got full private access to the machines.  While doing some research for this blog, I came across one of the instagram user's posts that I regularly follow and wanted to share her post and page with my readers.  In this post she was also traveling for a wedding and found herself in a hotel working out.  Check out her video for some great ideas for hotel workouts and easy to do routines while at home. 

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