Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Self Love Bath Recipes

This past February I indulged on a self love journey.  I found myself searching for a means to take care of myself and put my emotional, mental, and physical well being at the forefront of my priorities.  More often than not, we have a tendency to neglect the truly important reason why we have and do everything in our lives.  The self.  What sparked this self love journey came from an unlikely source- one of the ten commandments. I saw them on a refrigerator magnet while using the microwave at work.  I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.  (Yes, there is a difference.)  I did not grow up going to church or learning all about the teachings of Abrahamic religious views.  It may come as a surprise to many but it wasn't until recently at thirty two years of age that I read through the ten commandments.  The unlikely source of self love inspiration came from the commandment "No other gods before me."  I have studied many religions and their belief systems and read many differing views on the topic.  I have a basic understanding of the common belief of what this commandment means to the religion that professes it as doctrine however, I follow a belief that what speaks to each individual in their heart about ideas within the spiritual realm are not my place to judge or criticize.  It spoke to me more on the level of a concept that we are gods and that in the spirit of honoring ourselves, we place ourselves first and honor no one else before our own worth.  So all spiritual and religious jargon aside, nothing is more important than ourselves.  We should be more proactive in honoring our self than the societal norms of our modern day American culture allows us to.  Working out and attending to our physical wellbeing is only a piece of the bigger picture in the concept of self love.  There's so much more in depth ideology to self love that I couldn't possibly hit on every necessary element in just this one blog post.  I do however, want to share a new found relaxing bath recipe that I have incorporated in my self love ritual that nurtures the component of mindfulness after a long day. 

  • Easy Lavender Milk Bath
1. Dr. Teal's Lavender Soothe & Sleep Foaming Bath (4 caps added to running bath water)
2. Epsom Salt (1 cup)
3. Dry milk (1 cup)

Add all ingredients to tub as it fills with warm water.  Additional relaxation includes candles and oil diffuser with 3 drops Lavender essential oil.

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