Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Truth About Fad Diets and Cleanses

I've never been one to believe in dieting.  In my observances, everyone I have known that has participated in a diet has never been successful by limiting their nutritional intake as a means to change their body size.  I have witnessed many go from diet to diet without any changes they were initially seeking when starting a diet.  I think it's time we stop pushing the ideology that a diet is a fix to years of bad habits.  Real change start with a lifestyle modification.  My local news aired a segment in January of this year focusing on this very issue. 

WTHR Indianapolis spoke with Erin Coleman, a Registered Dietician at Community Health Network about fad diets and cleanses.  In the segment, Erin points out the startling statistic that the average adult American will try a fad diet four times a year.  She says this statistic highlights the restrictive nature of diets and that they just do not work.  She also talked about the concern for nutrient deficiency which is common among fad diets as they often require participants to eliminate entire food items and groups.  Erin says that studies have shown that 1/3 to 2/3 of dieters end up gaining weight and most often go on to gain more than they initially lost when starting the diet.  Erin further goes on to discuss the trend of cleanses.  She stated that our body already has a good cleansing system in place- our kidneys and livers.  Vitals organs that have a key role in removing toxins from our bodies.  So how do you go about losing weight? Exercise and eating foods that support your metabolism.  Focus on nutritional support that help you make modifications to keep your body supported for it's energy needs. 

To watch the video segment, click here: Registered Dietitian weighs in on fad diets and cleanses

I wanted to share this health segment with my readers as I feel like in the fitness world many of us may have personally or known friends and family members who have participated in fad dieting only to be disappointed time and time again.  Like I said before, real change begins with lifestyle modifications.  If you're struggling with putting together a nutritional plan for a healthier lifestyle, I recommend consulting a Registered Dietician.  There is so much out there on the internet that the task of formulating healthier dietary habits can be overwhelming.  Let a professional do the work for you so you can start enjoying developing better dietary habits and not fall victim to another dietary fad.

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